Do You Know Your Skin Type?

According to beauty specialists and dermatologists there are 5 skin types and each of these require different things when in comes to care and routine. Your skin type is determined by genes, stress and how much oil (sebum) your skin actually produces. Another important factor is your diet, beauty is inside out, so what you eat ultimately reflects on the way your skin looks and feels.

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Avocado-Honey Face Mask

When it comes to taking care of my skin, I definitely mean business. I am in my twenties and I definitely want to look like I’m in my twenties when I’m in my forty-somethings!

One of my favorite things when it comes to skin-care is making my own face masks. Just as it important to know what I put inside, I like knowing exactly what I put on my body. View Post


Home Remedies for Dark Circles…

The previous article discussed how to reduce and prevent dark circles under the eyes. I have found that nature always provides a solution and remedy to any issues we may have. So all the things mentioned below will already be in your kitchen or be very inexpensive for you to get. Here are a few home remedies for you to try… View Post


How to Get Rid of Dark Circles…

Are you are sick and tired of looking sick and tired? Then it’s about time to give your eyes a little TLC.

The eye area is the most noticed area on the face so it is particularly important to keep it in top shape and condition. Did you know that the skin around the eye is as thin as
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