5 Infused Water Recipes


So we are now on Day 14 of the Water Challenge! I must admit I missed my targets a few times but I’m doing well so far, definitely drinking more water than I used and I am more conscious about my intake now. My body has definitely reaped the benefits of my water intake. My skin is definitely looking better and physically I feel the great so far!

Drinking water does not have to be boring, I know some people don’t like the ‘taste’ of water and go purchase the flavoured water, but did you know they filled with sugar and other additives you probably don’t understand.  So here are my 5 favourite recipes to make your own infused water, and it’s so much healthier and cheaper!  You can even eat the fruit when you’ve finished your water!

What You’ll Need



Wooden Spoon (for crushing ingredients)

Leave each recipe in fridge for 2-24hrs

use trial and error with the quantities to find what you like

Blueberry + Orange

or and bluhandful of blueberries • 2 oranges cut into wedges 

You can squeeze some of the oranges and crush the blueberries for a more intense flavour!

Lemon + Mint


2 lemons thinly sliced • a few sprigs of mint

Blackberry + Mint

Blackberry-and-mint-infused-waterhandful of blackberries • a few sprigs of mint

Crush/muddle the blackberries for more flavour and colour!

Lemon + Cucumber + Mint + Ginger 


1 lemon • 1/2 cucumber thinly sliced • a few sprigs of mint • 2″ ginger sliced

Great for DETOX!!

Watermelon + Coriander (Cilantro)


1/4 watermelon sliced • a few coriander leaves

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  1. October 30, 2017 / 7:54 pm

    Baby boo growing, God bless you lil one. And mummy love that hair style, anyway anything suits you and still stay beautiful xxx love auntie momo

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