No Excuses!

I’ve always wanted to start a YouTube channel but I kept making too many excuses for why I couldn’t be on YouTube or I didn’t have the time or just mere procrastination. At the end of the day you determine the direction your life goes. So…. I’ve started a personal challenge called ‘No Excuses!’, and here I am!! So far I can say I’m enjoying my journey and look forward to new experiences and opportunities. You can join the ‘No Excuses’ all you have to do is STOP making excuses and do what you’ve been putting off or afraid to do. Write your experience in a journal, or make videos whatever suits you. The year is almost over (again) make the most of 2014 and have No Excuses!

Hope you enjoy my first video and don’t forget SUBSCRIBE to my channel, I’ve got so much planned and I’m excited to bring you on my journey.


I’d love to know what you’re going to start. Tweet me @msmuneri and let me know using the hashtag #noexcuses



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