Pretty White Female

Are beauty brands doing enough to cater for Women of Colour? This question is being asked more often lately. Why is this market so neglected by major brands and if they do cater to women of colour why so little product range and availability? There was a twitter discussion on Sunday with Brown Beauty Talk so many great points were raised about this issue and I’m excited that Sali Hughes of The Beauty Project is running an event TODAY (10th June 2014). It’s not too late to attend if you’re in the London area purchase your ticket HERE it would definitely be worth your time starting at 6:30-8pm.

On the panel will be, Health & Beauty Director of Women’s Health, Anita Bhagwandas, presenter Gemma Cairnery and founders of multicultural beauty site, ThandieKay, Kay Montano and Thandie Newton. It will be interesting to hear their thoughts about this rising issue in our community. See you there!pb

Embrace Your Beauty!



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